Canal wants to sell your productsSign up with Canal so we can connect your stores.
Example of a Canal Retailer using our interface.
Your next steps
Page showing that you received a partnership invitation and an accept button at the bottom
1. Install Canal for SuppliersEnter your Shopify information to install the Canal app and get connected with your Retailer partner. Learn more
Shopify page showing a cursor choosing it's partner's commission rate
2. Set commissionChoose how much you want your partner to earn on the sale of your products. You keep the rest of your profit, less a small service fee. Your partner may suggest a new commission in a proposal. Learn more
List of rectangles spaced out from each other with product details inside like their icon, title, MSRP, and a button that says "List"
3. Select products to listList the products you want to start selling with Canal. These are the products your partners will be able to request to sell. Any new partnership requires your approval, so you determine who sells what, and for how much. Learn more
An example proposal from Sunbelt with buttons to counter or decline and a list of the proposal details which are merchandising and promotional details, products, and comments
4. Negotiate terms with proposalsA storefront will request to sell your products via a proposal. Before agreeing to the proposal, you can negotiate with your partner to make sure you are both happy with your partnership terms. Learn more
Shopify page displaying all orders in a table
5. Fulfill ordersWhen a customer orders your product from your partner storefront, their order information will flow directly into your Shopify. Learn more
Page that shows a Stripe modal that asks to enter bank account details
6. Get paid via StripeSet up your Stripe account to get paid for the products your Retailer sells. Learn more
This is the slickest integration I've seen. We've tried alternatives, but my team shudders at the memory. You guys have thought of everything. This is the bee's knees of integrations.
Angela HigginsPresident, Coava Coffee